Auto Responder

Trigger an auto response on Twitter


Blue Robot is able to auto respond to conversations on Twitter that mention predefined #hashtags and @handles. The auto response can be a Tweet of any format, and can also take advantage of our image and text overlay capabilities to deliver a personalized experience.
The response can be sent by the brand as a null cast Tweet (it doesn't appear in the brand's timeline).

Policy Guidelines

Although we have the capability to listen to all conversations across Twitter, it's important to work within Twitter's Automation Policy. A key guideline to keep in mind is that an auto response can only be mentioned by (1) a mention of the brand @handle and a #hashtag, (2) A Retweet, (3) a Like. Like-based auto-responders are heavily restricted and require ample motivation and planning.


All Blue Robot experiences offer moderation capabilities - Blue Robot generates the auto response but a human being needs to approve the response before it's sent. This manages potential brand risk and end user abuse.