Text/Image Overlay

Delight customers with an auto reply that modifies their image or text


A triggering action on Twitter (mention of a @handle & #hashtag, a Retweet or a Like) generates a personalised response instantly. The response can make use of a Tweeted photo, the user's profile image or the user's @handle to create a seamlessly edited image overlay.
This is one of our most successful experiences and is simple to execute.


  • Text over image overlay can support any custom font (as demonstrated below).
  • The image overlay experience can use a Tweeted image or the user's profile image.
  • Image overlays can also use transparent images to create an effect that is incredibly engaging and more seamless than two block images overlaid.

Instant Delight

Our technology generates the auto reply instantly, delighting users whilst they are engaging with your brand. Our optional moderation layer is available to ensure that all content remains brand safe.

Image Overlay Example

Text Overlay Example

Automated text over image overlay on Twitter