Pinterest Experiences

Connect with users directly within Pinterest

The Pinterest audience is planning for the future. Pinterest gives brands access to intent and future action.

Blue Robot delivers purpose built experiences for brands across Pinterest. A typical experience consists of:
  • Microsite. Introduce your brand, capture additional user information & obtain authorization to access the user's Pinterest Boards & Pins.
  • User Inference. Blue Robot's technology analyzes the user's interests and passions to deliver a more personalized experience.
  • Personalized Boards & Pins. Create personalized brand boards and pins for each user, including personally adapted image and text. All delivered automationally.
  • Measure Success. Track visits to your website and real-world impact.
Brand Challenge: Once a user has authorized a brand to maintain a board & pins within their profile, you have the ability to maintain living pins within your brand board. Think beyond a single campaign & rather consider how you can take advantage of what is effectively a living, personal microsite for each user. How can you inspire action with creative ideas and insights?