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What is Blue Robot?

We provide brands with the ability to build interactive Twitter functionality, without any code.
1 minute of configuration = 2 weeks of development

Blue Robot shortens the path between creative ideas and execution. Leverage the full functionality offered by Twitter APIs, without the need to develop any code. Blue Robot allows brands to drag-and-drop business rules to instantly create complex interactive services on Twitter. Brands benefit through the immediate time and cost saving, plus with the added benefit of running on proven technology that powers countless brands on Twitter.
Our team will help you design and activate the best interaction for your brand, whilst ensuring compliance with Twitter's automation policies.


A range of Widgets is available, each unlocking a specific, objective-based set of functionalities.

Twitter Focused

Blue Robot helps brands do more on Twitter. Drive engagement with our interactive Twitter Widgets that feature instant setup & deployment.

Instant Setup

Build interactive Twitter services that leverage Twitter APIs, without any code.


Drive engagement at events with a Welcome roll & live event Tweet roll.

Real-time data retrieval

Automatically respond to Tweets with live, dynamic data.


Build automated responses based on Tweets from specific locations.


Define interactive rules and responses based on specific triggers on Twitter.

Live Reporting

Develop meaningful insights with live reporting and analytics.

Interactive FAQ

Point Blue Robot to your FAQs and provide automated, best-fit answers to your customers' common questions.


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Blue Robot is an Ad Dynamo product.

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