Chat bot technology in South Africa

"Blue Robot’s Auto DM plug-in elevated this year’s #SasolNewSignatures digital campaign to new heights. The creative solve outperformed previous year’s Twitter campaign engagement benchmarks and allowed us to serve relevant content that resonated with our audience’s interests. Can’t wait for our next campaign."

MJ Khan
Group Online Media Manager

Sasol customer experience chat bot case study

Case Study: Chat Bot

This campaign ran in South Africa
Sasol raised awareness of their Signatures art exhibition through a chat bot.

Using a Click to Direct Message Card on Twitter, they drove users from public Twitter to a personal messaging environment, where the user could explore the art exhibition, and receive artist recommendations based on personal interests.

This chat bot made great use of rich media assets (video and images) within the messaging environment, delivering a visually rich and entertaining experience.

Best of all, the public loved it!

Key Stats

  • 5,000+ User Interactions
  • 2,000+ Click to DM Card Actions
  • 12% Completions of User Journey (including a public share)
  • 5.59% Engagement

Chat Bot

This campaign made use of our Chat Bot technology stack. Taking advantage of Twitter's latest direct messaging platform upgrade, this messaging experience made use of Quick Replies, Video and Images.